Ambassador Of Music Appreciation And Exchange

Detroit … in Melody Baker’s view – Living in America (5) (first publication)


Germanys next Ambassador Of Music Appreciation And Exchange Melody Baker tells us more about the magic of Detroit:

„Detroit reminds me of Berlin. From wonderful to destruction to rebuilding. Unfortunetly, we did it to ourselves. The civil rights riots of 1967. When people were so upset with our government and police that we just burned the mother down! So stupid! But they didn’t know what to do. Six days of hell that changed Detroit forever.


I see all the good in Detroit. The awesome music scene, the beautiful buildings, the cultural celebrations, the exquisite hotels and casino’s, and ofcourse the three story malls. Many people do not. All they see is the burned down buildings of the past. That no-one will buy to fix up or tear down. All the closed factory’s, the poor people and those who are down on their luck. But like every big city, it has the best, and the worst. I live on the sunny side of town, and we will try to rebuild, and learn, and through it all, be proud of our Detroit.“





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